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Dancing Saved My Life is a grassroots initiative founded by Andreina Febres, a Zumba instructor from the Bay Area, and her student, Joy Glasier, who was undergoing cancer treatment in 2014. Motivated by Andreina's loss of her mother to cancer and Joy's personal journey with the disease, they sought to provide support to the cancer community. Concurrently, Joy was participating in a stress relief class tailored to cancer care, led by Maura Singer, which played a pivotal role in her healing process. In Joy’s words, “If I was able to dance I knew I was doing OK, and through stress relief practices and meditation I learned how to lessen the fear and anxiety.” Drawing upon Maura and Andreina respective expertise, they joined forces to establish a sustainable program benefiting individuals affected by cancer. 

Our team

We're a very passionate group that has been impacted by cancer in one way or another. We're committed to offering ways to support individuals dealing with cancer in the Bay Area.

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