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About the retreats...

The Renewal retreats help women with a cancer diagnosis reduce stress, connect with their bodies and nature, and claim their own healing in a supportive community of peers.  The retreats are hosted in the beauty and tranquility of Commonweal Retreat Center, where cancer support programs have been running for over 30 years.


Funds for cancer research and awareness are important; however, very little of that money goes toward helping women cope with the enormity — anxiety, stress, fear, helplessness — of cancer.  


Renewal helps women in a tangible way at a time when they really need it.

What's DSML? - Quotes
"DSML is part of the solution to the fragmented healthcare system"
"Allows participants a space to pause"
"I just feel like layers of an onion peeled away and I'm able to go forward much lighter"
"...a warm welcoming inviting peaceful house to rest in"
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