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Becky- Fall 2018

“This retreat was a unique and foreign experience for me. I am a business woman and an introvert but I have a lot of feelings. I have not previously experienced an environment where people, including myself, expressed tears, saddness and anger that is held in a safe space. To show my innermost feelings is to take a chance with vulnerability. It is a risk, but I am more hopeful that the rewards can be immense.”

Jenn- Fall 2018

“I feel a sense of release and rejuvenationm like freedom…from letting go. I feel connection to others and the earth. I feel gratitude for my experience, my pain, and emotion. I appreciated the unattended sorrow ritual the most. It was important for me to just cry. To acknowledge my pain and loss and be witnessed in that journey. To write my sorrows on rocks and walk with them to the beach and release them into the ocean. This was a powerful, cleasing, hopeful process.”

Naomi- Sping 2017

“I feel more at peace and put back together after my time at the retreat. The combination of the connection between us all, the participants and the teachers, the stunning beauty of the natural world at Commonweal created the conditions I needed to let go of the painful, traumatic experiences of the past year. i know I want to make this a part of my life as a “cancer survivor and thriver. I want to keep coming to Renewal retreats!”

Crystal- Spring 2022

“I feel strong and empowered, really supported and also affirmed by the shared sorrow and experience of this group. I also feel calm and clear headed—an incredible feeling considering the chaos in my life right now. Thank you!”

Marie- Fall 2019

“I feel much calmer and grounded than I did when I got here. I’ll be thinking about this experience for a long time and integrating it’s lessons. It was so important and needed and deeply healing to get to spend so much time with this group of women. Usually it’s just an hour long support group which isn’t enough time for me to really build trust with anyone. I’m so deeply grateful to all of the participants, facilitators, staff and everyone involved with DSML for making this possible for me and us.”

Shasta- Fall 2019

“When I first arrived I was nervous and full of anxiety. I am leaving today with a full heart and a grateful spirit. I feel honored to be among such brave, strong, and vulnerable women."

Yvonne- Spring 2016

“I loved so much of the retreat. The playfulness, candor, energy of the facilitators, the delicious food, the acceptance of the healing circle and the vulnerability of all the women. The quiet of the room, the roar of the ocean out the window, the dancing and the music.”

Christine- Fall 2023

I had been in cancer support groups before, but this was my first retreat. And six months later, I'm still carrying the experience close to my heart. The retreat gave me a safe and supported space to grieve and grow, to connect with others with similar struggles, and to find real joy and creativity after cancer treatment. The retreat leaders were beyond amazing--they brought so much wisdom and skill, kindness and warmth. 

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